In today’s competitive landscape, collaboration is key. At Pit Crew Marketing, we understand the power of partnerships. By joining forces with other industry leaders, we can create a stronger, more vibrant community for auto repair businesses. These partnerships open doors to valuable resources, shared knowledge, and co-marketing opportunities. This collaborative spirit fosters trust and strengthens connections within the industry, ultimately benefiting both repair shops and their customers.


AutoOps’ automotive scheduling software increases the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy and website. By giving your customers an easy way to schedule online, turn more of your paid marketing viewers into paying appointments.

The Institute is the most comprehensive and effective coaching and training company in the automotive aftermarket industry, dedicated to transforming businesses and lives through a commitment to success, professionalism, and integrity.

All-in-one shop marketing solution focused on CRM and websites. Igniting profitability, streamlining lead management, and fostering customer engagement.

Digital marketing agency for auto repair shops known for effortlessly increasing car count™ through Google Ads expertise and a continuous improvement focus.

Boost sales and credibility with our online marketing expertise. From optimized websites to local SEO and SMS campaigns, we help auto repair shops stand out and attract more business.

Cloud-based solution that simplifies scheduling, education, inspection, estimation, reminders, and monitoring for all aspects of your auto shop operation.

Your marketing shouldn’t make your shop look like every other auto repair shop in town. You want trusted advisors, not order takers. We share those sentiments, and we’re glad you’re here.

Cloud-based business management software for the auto repair industry. Easy to use, offering professional-grade solutions for running your shop phone-free and paperless.

Automated retention marketing and customer communication platform that transforms how auto shops interact with their customers.

Cloud-based shop management solution empowering auto repair shops nationwide with features like a shop management system, integrated payments, technology integrations, and real-time data.